Bee Trail

1 January 1970

We have teamed up with The Honey Club, a partnership between King’s Cross-based youth charity Global Generation, Urban Bess and Wolff Olins, who have launched the King’s Cross Bee Trail App,  an app-led walking tour of King’s Cross is designed to raise awareness of this fast-changing area of London; in particular the bees living there and the food and shelter they need.

It’s a journey through one of London’s newest areas where you can see the new forage and habitats that have been created. Along the trail, you will find various stops each marked with a beacon that will unlock a new part of the trail and, with it, a new activity. As you go from one stop to the next, you’ll be asked to take part in some citizen science by counting the bees you see at different locations.

Do your bit to help keep our urban bees buzzing by telling us how many bees you see and get 20% off total bill on breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday.