Burberry Cocktail for London Fashion Week

1 January 1970

This upcoming fashion week, the Meister Bar at German Gymnasium restaurant launches a new cocktail “Brit Rhythm By Burberry”  who sits on “The Icons” menu along 12 cocktails inspired by the greatest icons of fashion and art.

Brit Rhythm By Burberry” is an exclusive one-off cocktail in honour of London Fashion week and inspired by Burberry who are showing at this year’s in September.

“Brit Rhythm By Burberry” is inspired by Burberry’s original perfume Brit Rhythm, a refreshing cocktail with infused pink peppercorn and mandarin gin, a twist of orange flower Absolut with hints of Bergamot and Jasmine finished off with a vanilla and jasmine ice cream in a chocolate cone.

Available from the 14th to the 18th of September.