Bee Trail

05 July 2016 - 04 September 2016

We have teamed up with The Honey Club, a partnership between King’s Cross-based youth charity Global Generation, Urban Bess and Wolff Olins, who have launched the 2016 King’s Cross Bee Trail App,  an app-led walking tour of King’s Cross is designed to raise awareness of this fast-changing area of London; in particular the bees living there and the food and shelter they need.

There are eight stops along the KX Bee Trail, starting at German Gymnasium and ending a short walk away at The Skip Garden; each marked with a Honey Club sign that’s powered by innovative technology. At each of the stops a beacon unlocks a new part of the app and accesses a new activity. At some locations participants are invited to learn something new about bees, at others they can take part in a bee count.

In order to raise money for the The Honey Club, our Bar Manager will be creating a honey based cocktail and £1 from every bill will be going to the charity.