Retro Bootcamp

09 October 2016 - 04 December 2016

During October, November and December from 10-11am, we will play host to a heart pumping outdoor fitness class with a retro twist! Hosted by Martin Whitelock from MW5 Fitness, he will help you burn a shed load of calories and push your fitness levels to the limit.

Giving a nod to the building’s history,  the class will take place outside on the open space next to the Restaurant, housed in building that hosted the first ever indoor events for the 1866 Olympic Games! It will feature a mix of modern fitness drills, basic gymnastics, and Victorian exercises. The high intensity intervals will incorporate bodyweight movements such as the Forward Roll & Handstand along with some old fashioned exercise equipment including Indian Clubs, Boxing and Rope Pulls. All this mashed together with the more modern variety such as tyre flips to create a fun, throwback fitness session that’s sure to get the heart racing.

After your workout, why not refuel with a delicious healthy brunch in the Grand Café, with 20% off for all attendees of the class.  Enjoy nutritious dishes including Chia pots with coconut and almond milk, vanilla, pomegranate & lemon balm, the Swiss Bircher Muesli or the mighty GG Breakfast.

We will be holding classes on the below dates:

Sunday 9th Oct

Sunday 6th Nov

Sunday 4th December

Classes are £15 each, to book tickets please click on the button below or for more information please email Martin here.

To book a table for brunch after the GG Bootcamp please call 020 7287 8000 or email