Ikebana Cocktail


The Japanese art of arranging flowers, usually represent water, earth, Heaven. This cocktails is arranged in Ikebana style.

35ml Tanqueray10

20ml elderflower cordial

30ml clear apple juice

1 bamboo spoon of matcha tea

½ lemon juice

German Gymnasium’s Bar recipe

Whisk the matcha tea, with bamboo whisker, and the rest of the ingredient in a tea ceremony bowl. Then shake all vigorously the mixure in a shaker and double strain in the large display glass a nice chunk of ice and delicately display the orchid on the side of it.

In your house recipe

In bowl put the matcha tea first and with a kitchen whisk or a milk frother blend all the ingredients slowly whisking continuously, for this recipe pour 60ml of apple juice instaed of 30ml. Pour the mixure in an ironcast Japanese tea (or your nicest tea pot) pot and topped with ice and served present the tea pot with Japanese tea cup (or normal cup) on a tray and display some flowers around. To drink in the garden with some close friends to fully appreciate it.